Friday, April 3, 2009

First leg : Kabul to Bagram

0500- As I was finishing my packing, I noticed the coffee maker on the shelf next to the double bunk. It was used, stained from the many pots of coffee from past visitors. On the right was a bag of Starbucks dark roast. Near the bottom of the bag, under the labeling was a hand inscription in black permanent marker,"Thanks for your service."

My bags were stacked at the door as the John Deer Gator drove up. We threw my gear into the back and took a five minute ride to the staging point near the front gate if Camp Phoenix. Along the way we stopped for cup of coffee to go from the dining facility. Four creamers in and the coffee still looked black.

After a thirty minute wait, we were told to load our bags onto the up-armored bus. A few minutes later we were at Kabul International. Now it is a matter of waiting. Next stop : Bagram. 
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