Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bagram: the hold over

The flight from Kabul was a short 15 minutes on board a Blackwater Aviation aircraft. For all of the negative press Backwater has received, their aviation operations were impressive. Gate to gate, bags loaded then unloaded, security checked and back in our hands was just under 30 minutes. With my paperwork processed I proceeded on, to check on my next flight.

The next flight was cancelled. The following flight full. One thing about travel in Afghanistan is that you are often left to your own to make the necessary follow on arrangements. It is also about relationships. The words from an SAS friend kept running in my head,"Always carry a reserve." My reserve was people. A few phone calls later and a bed was secured for the night through base media operations. Then a 1715 show time was advised to try and get on the rotary flight as "Space-A". In the meantime other options were being sent to me via my Blackberry from the Colonel I will be working under in Gardez.

My arrival at the rotary wing passenger terminal was none too early. The severe weather and numbers of flight cancellations has created a back log of soldiers trying to get out. The scheduled 1800 start time for reserving Space - A had already begun as I walked in. 

An hour later I was presenting my media credentials and travel documents to the Specialist working the counter. "Blood type...Last four... You're good to go, Sir. Check in is at 0600 local tomorrow morning." Next stop if all goes as planned : Gardez.

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  1. I hope all goes well. I'm truly amazed at how versatile a tool the Blackberry has become.